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Understanding the History of Ancient Israel
Gepubliceerd op 08-01-2008

Het tijdschrift "Proceedings of the British Academy", heeft grote delen van volume 143 online staan. Onder het thema "Understanding the History of Ancient Israel" zijn de volgende artikelen te lezen:

Schrijver Artikel Pagina
H G M Williamson Preface; List of Abbreviations xiii-xx
J W Rogerson Setting the Scene: A Brief Outline of Histories of Israel 3-14
Keith W Whitelam Setting the Scene: A Response to John Rogerson 15-23
Hans M Barstad The History of Ancient Israel: What Directions Should We Take? 25-48
Philip R Davies Biblical Israel in the Ninth Century? 49-56
Lester L Grabbe Some Recent Issues in the Study of the History of Israel 57-67
T P Wiseman Classical History: A Sketch, with Three Artefacts 71-89
Chase F Robinson Early Islamic History: Parallels and Problems 91-106
Amélie Kuhrt Ancient Near Eastern History: The Case of Cyrus the Great of Persia 107-127
David Ussishkin Archaeology of the Biblical Period: On Some Questions of Methodology and Chronology of the Iron Age 131-141
Amihai Mazar The Spade and the Text: The Interaction between Archaeology and Israelite History Relating to the Tenth–Ninth Centuries BCE 143-171
Christoph Uehlinger Neither Eyewitnesses, Nor Windows to the Past, but Valuable Testimony in its own Right: Remarks on Iconography, Source Criticism and Ancient Data-processing 173-228
M J Geller Akkadian Sources of the Ninth Century 229-241
K Lawson Younger Jr Neo-Assyrian and Israelite History in the Ninth Century: The Role of Shalmaneser III 243-277
André Lemaire West Semitic Inscriptions and Ninth-Century BCE Ancient Israel 279-303
Marc Zvi Brettler Method in the Application of Biblical Source Material to Historical Writing (with Particular Reference to the Ninth Century BCE) 305-336
Graeme Auld Reading Kings on the Divided Monarchy: What Sort of Narrative? 337-343
Rainer Albertz Social History of Ancient Israel 347-367
Bernard S Jackson Law in the Ninth Century: Jehoshaphat's 'Judicial Reform' 369-397
Nadav Na'aman The Northern Kingdom in the Late Tenth–Ninth Centuries BCE 399-418

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