G4752 στρατεία
expeditie, campagne, militaire dienst, oorlog
Taal: Grieks




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Lexicon G. Abbott-Smith

Voor meer informatie: G. Abbott-Smith's A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (New York: Scribner's, 1922)

στρατεία (on the orthogr., v. Deiss., BS, 181 f.), -ας, ἡ (< στρατεύω), [in LXX chiefly for צָבָא H6635 ;] an expedition, a campaign, warfare: metaph., II Co 10:4 (-τιά, T), I Ti 1:18.†

Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

Voor meer informatie: Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon (1940)

  Ionic dialect -ηΐη, ἡ, (στρατεύω) expedition, campaign, στρατηΐην ποιεῖσθαι ἐς.., ἐπὶ.., Herodotus Historicus 1.71, 171, etc.; πολλὰς σ. ἐποιήσαντο Thucydides Historicus 2.11; σ. ἐστράτευσ᾽ ὀλεθρίαν Euripides Tragicus “Supplices” 116; σ. ἡμῖν εἰς Ποτείδαιαν ἐγένετο Plato Philosophus “Symposium” 219e, compare “IG” 12(2).645.15 (from Nesus), etc. ; ἀπὸ στρατείας coming from war, after service done, Aeschylus Tragicus “Agamemnon” 603, “Eu.” 631 ; κατὰ τὴν Σιτάλκου σ. about the time of his expedition, Thucydides Historicus 2.101; εἰς δὲ σ. πάντας Ἀργείους ἄγων Euripides Tragicus “Supplices” 229 ; ἐπὶ στρατείας εἶναι to be on foreign service, Plato Philosophus “Symposium” 220c (codices, στρατιᾶς Cobet, Burnet) ; so ἐν στρατείᾳ ὄντας Xenophon Historicus “Institutio Cyri (Cyropaedia)” 5.2.19 ; ἐν τῇ σ. “PEnteux.” 48.3 (3rd c.BC) ; παραγγέλλειν τινὶ σ. κατὰ γῆν Xenophon Historicus “Historia Graeca (Hellenica)” 7.1.13; ἐκδήμους σ. οὐκ ἐξῇσαν Thucydides Historicus 1.15 ; στρατείαν ξυνεξελθεῖν prev. work 3; σ. δ᾽ οὐ φέρει περιουσίαν Menander Comicus 382, compare “OGI” 5.44 (Scepsis, 4th c.BC) ; τῆς σ. γιγνομένης ἐκ καταλόγου Aristoteles Philosophus “Ἀθηναίων Πολιτεία” 26.1 ; frequently in plural, military service, warfare, Plato Philosophus “Respublica” 404a ; πρὸς ταῖς αὑτοῦ σ. in addition to the campaigns which he is bound to serve, prev. author “Lg.” 878d; ἐν ταῖς σ. μισθοφορεῖν Aristoteles Philosophus “Ἀθηναίων Πολιτεία” 27.2; ἀπὸ σ. ἱππικῶν “IGRom.” 3.58 (from Bithynia) ; στρατείας στρατεύεσθαι “IG” 22.505.54 ; ἀφειμένος στρατείας, = Latin exauctoratus, Plutarchus Biographus et Philosophus 2.274a.
__2 σ. ἐν τοῖς ἐπωνύμοις levy of those liable to serve in the year of such and such archons, Harpocratio Grammaticus see entry , compare Aristoteles Philosophus “Ἀθηναίων Πολιτεία” 53.7.
__3 σ. ἡ ἐν τοῖς μέρεσιν expedition for special service, to train the young soldiers next after serving as περίπολοι, Aeschines Orator 2.168, compare 1Suidas Legal icographus see at {τερθρεία}.
__4 military discipline, ἡ ἀκριβὴς σ. Dio Cassius Historicus 78.36.
__5 military appointment, ἐπώλησε στρατείας prev. author 72.12. —στρατιά is a constant variant, and is sometimes undoubtedly used= στρατεία (campaign), see at {στρατιά} 11 and cf. Scholia Aristophanes Comicus “Thesmophoriazusae” 835 (= Eupolis Comicus 369) ; but στρατεία= army, expeditionary force is very rare, Euripides Tragicus “Iphigenia Aulidensis” 495 (restored in “Rh.” 263 (Lyric poetry)): in Inscrr. στρατεία never = army, but both -εία (“IG” 22.1132.14, “SIG” 398.2 (Cos, 3rd c.BC), al.) and -ιά (which see) = campaign.

Synoniemen en afgeleide woorden

Grieks στρατεύομαι G4754 "veldtocht, militaire dienst vervullen";


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