H2199_ זָעַק
jammeren, het uitschreeuwen, krijten, schreeuwen, oproepen, bijeenroepen, roepen, uitroepen
Taal: Hebreeuws


Komt 73x voor in 22 Bijbelboeken.

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Brown-Driver-Briggs Abridged Hebrew Lexicon

[זָעַק] vb. cry, cry out, call Qal 1 call, to one's aid 2 cry, cry out, in need Niph. be called together, assemble, join Hiph 1 call, call out, or together, for military service 2 make a crying 3 have proclamation made 4 call out, or at

Strong Concise Dictionary Of The Words In The Hebrew Bible

H2199 זָעַק zâʻaq; a primitive root; to shriek (from anguish or danger); by analogy, (as a herald) to announce or convene publicly — assemble, call (together), (make a) cry (out), come with such a company, gather (together), cause to be proclaimed.

Synoniemen en afgeleide woorden

Hebreeuws זַעַק H2201 "geschrei, gekrijt, angstgeschreeuw, geschreeuw, jammergeschrei, geroep";


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