H6030_ עָנָה
cry, testify, speak, bear, answer, , sing, hear
Taal: Hebreeuws


Komt 329x voor in 33 Bijbelboeken.

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Brown-Driver-Briggs Abridged Hebrew Lexicon

עָנָה vb. sing Qal sing, utter tunefully Pi. sing sweetly of it

Strong Concise Dictionary Of The Words In The Hebrew Bible

H6030 עָנָה ʻânâh; a primitive root; properly, to eye or (generally) to heed, i.e. pay attention; by implication, to respond; by extension to begin to speak; specifically to sing, shout, testify, announce — give account, afflict (by mistake for 6031), (cause to, give) answer, bring low (by mistake for 6031), cry, hear, Leannoth, lift up, say, × scholar, (give a) shout, sing (together by course), speak, testify, utter, (bear) witness. See also 1042, 1043.

Synoniemen en afgeleide woorden

Grieks ἀποκρίνομαι G611 "antwoord geven"; Hebreeuws בֵּית עֲנוֹת H1042 "Beth-anoth, Bet-anot"; Hebreeuws בֵּית עֲנָת H1043 "Beth-anath, Bet-anat"; Hebreeuws מַעַן H4616 "lest, because of, to the end, to, for, that, to the intent"; Hebreeuws מַעֲנֶה H4617 "for himself, answer"; Hebreeuws עָנָה H6031 "humble, exercised, , force, afflict, Leannoth, sing"; Aramees עֲנָה H6032 "spake, answered"; Hebreeuws עֲנָה H6034 "Ana"; Hebreeuws עֲנָיָה H6043 "Anaiah"; Hebreeuws עֲנָת H6067 "Anath";

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