The Genesis of Civilisation
Auteur: David Rohl


David Rohl continues his quest to reach the historical kernel lying at the heart of some of the greatest unsolved problems and mysteries of Old World history and archaeology. He reveals what really happened in seven famous myths and legends bequeathed to us by the ancients and shows us that the passage of time has not wiped away all the evidence, and it is possible to reach the reality behind the legends. Legend reveals the historical truth which lies at the heart of the Book of Genesis : the Garden of Eden is finally found; heroes from the Book of Genesis are identified in ancient records; the true site of Noah's Ark is located in Kurdistan; paradise is discovered on a desert island in the Persian Gulf; and, the mysterious origins of the first pharaohs are revealed.


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Titel Legend The Genesis of Civilisation
Auteur David Rohl
Uitgever Cornerstone / Cornerstone Ras
Jaar Verschenen 1999
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 592
Onderwerp David Rohl, Paradijs, Eden (hof v.)


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