Jeremiah in History and Tradition
Auteur: Dr. Jim West


Jeremiah in History and Tradition examines aspects of the Book of Jeremiah from a variety of perspectives including historical, textual, redaction, and feminist criticism, as well as the history of its reception. The book looks afresh at the Book of Jeremiah through the lens of intertextuality and reception history in the broadest sense, exploring Jeremiah in its historical context as well as the later history and interpretation of the text, and also reconsidering aspects of the Book of Jeremiah's traditions. This volume features essays from a unique assembly of scholars, both seasoned and new. It is divided into two parts: Jeremiah in History , which explores a variety of readings of Jeremiah from the point of view of classical historical criticism; and Jeremiah in Tradition , which discusses the portraits and use of both the book and the figure of Jeremiah in extra-biblical traditions. Offering challenging new theories, Jeremiah in History and Tradition is invaluable to scholars and students in the field of Biblical Studies. It is a useful resource for anyone working on the interpretation of the biblical text and the readings of the text of Jeremiah throughout history.


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Titel Jeremiah in History and Tradition
Auteur Dr. Jim West
Uitgever Taylor & Francis Ltd
Jaar Verschenen 2019
Taal Engels
Pagina's pp. 184
Onderwerp Jeremia (boek)


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