Thomas at the Crossroads
Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
Auteur: Risto Uro


The Gospel of Thomas is one of the most debated early Christian writings. Discovered as a Coptic translation in the Nag Hammadi Library, its date, message and relation to the canonical gospels have been the subject of much divisive argument. This book offers new perspectives on the gospel and demonstrates the various ways in which it sheds light on the ideological and social history of early Christianity.Expert scholars go to the heart of current issues in Thomasine studies, such as the role of oral and written traditions in the composition of the gospel, Thomas' relationship with the Gospel of John and with Gnostic and ascetic tendencies in early Christianity, the gospel's attitude to women followers of Jesus and to Jewish ritual practices.


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Titel Thomas at the Crossroads Essays on the Gospel of Thomas
Auteur Risto Uro
Uitgever Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Jaar Verschenen 1998
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 242
Onderwerp Evangelie van Thomas


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