Plants of the Bible


This classic work is the standard reference on Biblical botany. Two hundred and thirty plants mentioned in the Bible are treated in detail, beginning with references in scripture and proceeding to botanical descriptions of appearance and use; references in the non-Christian literature of antiquity and in the writings of non-botanical travelers in the Holy Land; etymological comparisons; comparative plant lore; symbolism and variations in translations of the Bible. The work clarifies many Biblical passages and references, and gives fascinating insights into daily life in Biblical and earlier times through plant use. Plants dealt with include henna, cinnamon, cotton, myrrh, cedar, sandalwood, myrtle, mandrake, lilies, and thorns. There are line drawings, a bibliography, index to Bible verses, general index and a section of plates.


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Titel Plants of the Bible
Auteur Harold N. Moldenke
Uitgever Kegan Paul
Jaar Verschenen 2002
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 384
Onderwerp Bomen, Planten / Flora, Spelt


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