Birds of the Middle East


Birds of the Middle East – the definitive field guide to the birds of this magical region – just got even better.

This enhanced fixed-format version of the book – featuring songs and calls – is set to change birding, forever.

Optimised for tablets, it features the book in crisp, clear high-resolution. Superb colour plates of the highest detail lie opposite comprehensive identification text and accurate range maps. In addition, this e-book features songs, calls and other sounds from 750 species, placed conveniently next to the accompanying species text. The 940 sounds included on this e-book represent more than 95% coverage of regular species in the region.

This epic collection of images and sounds represents a step change in the way birders operate. No more carrying heavy books into the field. No more trying to remember sounds days or weeks after the event, while all other methods for taking sounds into the field are consigned to the dustbin.

This e-book provides a complete field-based ID solution – no birder will want to be without it.

(Note: Audio may not play on all devices. Please check your user manual for details).


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Titel Birds of the Middle East
Auteur Richard Porter
Uitgever Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
Jaar Verschenen 2010
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 384
Onderwerp Vogels


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