Alexander the Great, the death of a god
Auteur: Paul Doherty


Master historian Paul Doherty investigates an outstanding figure who achieved so much before his premature end. Alexander the Great was an enigma, a man who wanted to be a god, a Greek who wanted to be Persian, a defender of liberties who spent most of his life taking away the liberties of others, and a king who could be compassionate yet also had the capacity to ruthlessly wipe out an ancient city. The Death of Alexander scrutinizes the circumstances surrounding the young king's death in the summer palace of the Persian kings. Did Alexander die of alcohol poisoning? Or where there other, more sinister factors involved? The great general had surrounded himself with outstanding captains of war. Was it they who ultimately made a decision to bring this young god's life to a violent, untimely end?


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Titel Alexander the Great, the death of a god
Auteur Paul Doherty
Uitgever Constable, London
Jaar Verschenen 2013
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 223
Onderwerp Alexander de Grote, Babylon (hoer), Dronkenschap, Messias (prototype), Prostitutie


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