The Last Days Are Here Again: A History of the End Times


As we inch closer and closer to the third millennium, the intensity of end-times predictions has reached a fever pitch. The magic phrase The Year 2000 has many looking for evidence of biblical prophecy and pointing their fingers at contemporary events, claiming that Christ is prepared to return for his church.
Although the calendar has driven many writers and preachers to focus on the supposed unique nature of our age, speculation on the last days is far from a novel phenomenon. As Richard Kyle points out, this speculation has run rampant for nearly 2,000 years.

Rather than simply focusing on specific time periods or movements, Kyle takes a comprehensive look at the history of thought about the end times, offering a fair treatment of various millennial positions by incorporating an intellectual/cultural approach. Kyle also takes a look at secular apocalyptic thought and end-of-the-world ideas espoused by fringe groups such as the Heavens Gate cult. Anyone curious about end-times speculation or interested in prophecy and history will find The Last Days Are Here Again an intriguing resource.


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Titel The Last Days Are Here Again: A History of the End Times
Auteur Richard G. Kyle
Uitgever Baker Pub Group
Jaar Verschenen 1998
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 255
Onderwerp Eindtijd voorspellingen


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