Plant Resins
Chemistry, Evolution, Ecology And Ethnobotany


Few people are aware of the great diversity of resin-producing plants or the remarkable roles resins play for plants and people. Resins evolved millions of years ago to defend plants against their enemies, as recorded by fossil resins like amber, and humans have used them since prehistory. Plant Resins tells the whole story about these fascinating plant products. The book is richly illustrated with maps, color and black-and-white photographs, and exquisite line drawings by Jesse Markman. This comprehensive and integrated discussion of resins will appeal to botanists, ecologists, ethnobotanists, chemists, anthropologists, archeologists, museum conservators, and amber enthusiasts.


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Titel Plant Resins Chemistry, Evolution, Ecology And Ethnobotany
Auteur Jean H. Langenheim
Uitgever Timber Press
Jaar Verschenen 2003
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 612
Onderwerp Adelaarshout, Aloehout, Planten / Flora


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