Shechem I
The Middle Bronze IIB Pottery
Auteur: Dan P. Cole


This is the first volume of the final report on the site of Tell Balatah, biblical Shechem. Work at the site spanned the years 1956-1973, a period when significant changes in field methodology were developing in Palestinian archaeology. Dr. Cole's study of the MB IIB ceramic corpus is prefaced by an introduction to the field technique as it was employed at Shechem, especially as it pertained to the recovery, sorting, and analysis of sherds from each soil deposit. The analysis of the Field VI ceramic sequences presented here will be of crucial importance in studying the chronology and history of the MB II period in the Levant. A report of interest, not only for its reportage of excavation results, but also for the methodological questions it raises.


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Titel Shechem I The Middle Bronze IIB Pottery
Auteur Dan P. Cole
Uitgever American Schools Of Oriental Research
Jaar Verschenen 1984
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 203
Onderwerp Sichem (plaats)


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