Under Pontius Pilate


A part of the correspondence between Caius Claudius Proculus in Judea and Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus at Athens, in the years 28 and 29 A.D., translated and edited by William Schuyler, and originally published in 1906. In his attempt to turn into English the following letters of Caius Claudius Proculus and his friend, which are as full of Latin colloquialisms as the famous correspondence of the great Cicero, the translator has not only found it necessary to render the Latin tu by you, but also to avail himself of numerous English colloquialisms of the present day in order to preserve as much as possible the easy-going, modern spirit of the original. For the educated Romans of the first century of our era were in many ways as "modern" as, if not more modern than, the Americans of the twentieth. Likewise, as the sayings of the Nazarene that are given by Caius Claudius are quoted from memory in Latin, and naturally differ in some unimportant points from the Greek texts of the Gospels, the translator has thought it best for the sake of unity to turn them from the Latin into modern English rather than to quote the corresponding passages from the beautiful tho antiquated "Authorized Version" of the English Bible.


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Titel Under Pontius Pilate
Auteur William Schuyler
Uitgever Fredonia Books (Nl)
Jaar Verschenen 1906
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 380
Onderwerp Pontius Pilatus


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