Sober Saints
Should Christians Drink Alcohol?


This Book was written for three types of persons. Firstly, for those who are convinced that it is ok to drink alcohol socially and moderately. Secondly, for those who are fully persuaded that Scripture forbids the drinking of alcohol. And thirdly, for those who stand in the middle unsure of the clear teaching of the Bible. This subject has certainly become a hotly debated subject in recent years by professing born-again believers. This simple book will challenge many contemporary opinions, traditions, fables, excuses and false teachings. It will also answer many questions you have had. This is a practical book for leaders, mothers, teenagers and all who have an interest, opinion, concern or doubt concerning alcohol and the teaching of the Bible concerning it.


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Titel Sober Saints Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Auteur Mr Keith Malcomson
Uitgever CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Jaar Verschenen 2013
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 190
Onderwerp Alcohol drinken


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