Between Migdol and the Sea
Crossing the Red Sea with Faith and Science
Auteur: Carl Drews


Ocean modeler Carl Drews explains the science behind the biblical narrative with diagrams and easy-to-understand language. When Moses stretched out his hand over theyam suf at God's command, a weather event known as wind setdown parted the waters. The crossing site is located in the eastern Nile delta. You can fly over the same spot with Google Earth. Yes, the Hebrew Exodus from Egypt really did happen.

This journey of scientific discovery is not a smooth one. Along the way Drews makes an embarrassing mistake in graduate school, discovers an important clue in the University of Colorado library, discovers Open Access publishing, and triggers an angry outburst from a few bloggers. Faith and science are in harmony, and these two disciplines can contribute to each other. The book includes 18 maps, 24 figures, 9 tables, and evidence for the historicity of the Exodus.


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Titel Between Migdol and the Sea Crossing the Red Sea with Faith and Science
Auteur Carl Drews
Uitgever Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Jaar Verschenen 2014
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 342
Onderwerp Rode Zee, Schelfzee, Rietzee


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