Auteur: Uzzi Pozner


Caesarea - a magnificent port city, established in 25-13 BC. Caesarea, which is named after Augustus Caesar, served as Israel's capital in Roman times and was the largest city in the country at that time. In this booklet you will find five tours of the old city of Caesarea itself and its surroundings: Northern (1) and Southern (2) Caesarea, remains of a church from the Byzantine period (3), Caesarea Water Plants (4) that were built for the supply of water to the city during the various stages of its development and the Crocodiles River (5). This booklet has been prepared by us to lead you through the ways of ancient Caesarea and Caesarea Water Plants. The friendly and detailed booklet can serves both as a source of knowledge and as a companion during your trip. The booklet is designed to make your visit to Caesarea and the ancient water plants an unforgettable experience. We hope that this booklet, which we have built with much love, will give you the final push you need to come to Israel and enjoy the unique sights, atmosphere and landscapes. There is no other country like Israel in the whole world.


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Titel Caesarea
Auteur Uzzi Pozner
Uitgever Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Jaar Verschenen 2015
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 92
Onderwerp Caesarea


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