Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul
Reflections on the Work of Douglas Campbell


New Testament studies are witnessing many exciting developments. And Douglas Campbell's groundbreaking publications are an important contribution to future discussions relating to Paul. Familiar problems relating to justification, "old" and "new" perspectives, and much more besides, have been tackled in fresh and exciting ways, setting down challenge after challenge to all those involved in Pauline studies. Campbell's publications therefore demand serious engagement. This book seeks to facilitate academic engagement with Campbell's work in a unique way. It contains numerous chapters critiquing his proposals, while others summarize the key themes succinctly. But it also contains Campbell's own response to the reception of his work, allowing him space to outline how his thinking has developed. In so doing, this work allows readers to be drawn into a vitally important conversation. It is academic theology in the making and constitutes the cutting edge of Pauline studies.

"Campbell's work is undoubtedly one of the most important 'game-changing' contributions to New Testament scholarship in recent times. But as these excellent essays show clearly, its significance extends far beyond the biblical guild, for Campbell is provoking us to rethink some of the most profound and far-reaching issues facing the church today. He deserves to be far more widely known, and this collection will doubtless further that end."
--Jeremy Begbie, Duke University, North Carolina

"Douglas Campbell . . . has generated a conversation that crosses all theological disciplines--exegetical, historical, systematic, ethical/political. That conversation, on full and brilliant display here, is contending for nothing less than the gospel of Jesus Christ. The issues matter profoundly. These essays, by Campbell and by those who would support, correct, and criticize his work, also matter. No arcane Paul scholarship here . . . essential reading for every theologian."
--Douglas Harink, The King's University College, Canada

"Douglas Campbell is a force to be reckoned with in Pauline studies. His work can be delightfully illuminating, horribly confusing, and absolutely frustrating--sometimes all in the same paragraph. These insightful essays by some of Campbell's supporters and critics, as well as by Campbell himself, will help readers better engage Campbell and, I think, also Paul."
--Michael J. Gorman, St. Mary's Seminary & University, Maryland

"Douglas Campbell's groundbreaking interpretation of Paul deserves a wide audience and continuing discussion, and this book is an exemplary model of gracious, critical, and appreciative conversation on matters of crucial importance to all who care about the Apostle Paul's liberating good news."
--Susan Eastman, Duke Divinity School, North Carolina

Chris Tilling is Lecturer in New Testament Studies at St Mellitus College, London, and visiting Lecturer in Theology at King's College London. He is the author of Paul's Divine Christology (2012).


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Titel Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul Reflections on the Work of Douglas Campbell
Auteur Chris Tilling
Uitgever Cascade Books
Jaar Verschenen 2014
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 341
Onderwerp Paulus (apostel)


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