Subtle Citation, Allusion and Translation in the Hebrew Bible
Auteur: Ziony Zevit


Biblicists have long been aware that some compositions in the Bible cite and allude to other compositions. At times these practices are obvious; often, however, they are not. Essays in this volume focus on subtle, not-so-obvious, unrecognized cases of citation and allusion as well as on unrecognized 'translations' from other languages and references to motifs in the plastic arts. Individual authors address unapparent cases and the methodological considerations on which their status as 'genuine' can be established. The essays in this volume are significant because of the methodological considerations and cautions that they describe and the varied texts that they analyze. Biblicists drawing on insights from this book will be able to provide thicker descriptions of Israelite literature and literacy and to construct relative chronologies of biblical compositions with greater accuracy than has been possible until now.

Table of Contents

1. Echoes of Texts Past Ziony Zevit
Clarifying Matters of Theory and Method
2. Identifying Literary Allusions: Theory, and the Criterion of Shared Language Joseph Ryan Kelly
3. Method in Determining the Dependence of Biblical on Non-Biblical Texts David M. Carr
Multi-lingual Scribes and their Archives
4. Subtle Citation, Allusion, and Translation: Evidence in Hittite Texts and Some Biblical Implications Ada Taggar-Cohen
Inner Biblical Allusions and Citations
5. Identifying Torah Sources in the Historical Psalms Marc Z. Brettler
6. Identifying Subtle Allusions: The Promise of Narrative Tracking Jeffery M. Leonard
7. Literary Allusions and Assumptions about Textual Familiarity Joel S. Baden
8. Isaiah 60–62 in Intertextual Perspective Marvin A. Sweeney
Extra Biblical Allusions, Citations and Translations
9. The Book of Job and Mesopotamian Literature: How Many Degrees of Separation? Edward L. Greenstein
10. Method in the Study of Textual Source Dependence: The Covenant Code David P. Wright
11. To Refer or Not to Refer: That is the Question Peter Machinist
12. Gauging Egyptian Influences on Biblical Literature Michael V. Fox
13. A Future for Back-referencing Ziony Zevit


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Titel Subtle Citation, Allusion and Translation in the Hebrew Bible
Auteur Ziony Zevit
Uitgever Equinox Publishing Ltd
Jaar Verschenen 2016
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 256
Onderwerp Hebreeuws


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