The Ottoman Empire
The Classical Age 1300-1600


Covering the greatest three centuries of Turkish history, this book tells the story of the Ottoman Empire's growth into a vast Middle Eastern Power. Born as a military frontier principality at the turn of the Fourteenth century, Turkey developed into the dominant force in Anatolia and the Balkans, growing to become the most powerful Islamic state after 1517 when it incorporated the old Arab lands. This distinctively Eastern culture, with all its detail and intricacies, is explored here by a pre-eminent scholar of Turkish history. He gives a striking picture of the prominence of religion and warfare in everyday life as well as the traditions of statecraft, administration, social values, financial and land policies. The definitive account, this is an indispensable companion to anyone with an interest in Islam, Turkey and the Balkans.


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Titel The Ottoman Empire The Classical Age 1300-1600
Auteur Halil Inalcik
Uitgever Orion Publishing Co
Jaar Verschenen 2000
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 272
Onderwerp Islam, Slavernij, Slaaf


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