Creation, Fall, Restoration
A Biblical Theology of Creation


Andrew S. Kulikovsky brings to the debate among creationists a robust reading of the relevant biblical texts, including the opening chapters of Genesis. He argues that biblical authority applies to the natural world of the sciences and history as well as to matters of faith and conduct. Scripture itself clearly points to a recent creation of the earth. Its propositions, however, are readily ignored by accepting the authority of current mainstream scientific theories too quickly and naively. In his far reaching exploration, Kulikovsky takes us into the territories of scientific and biblical interpretation and changing views of nature in the history of both science and theology. Kulikovskys call to return to Biblical authority is relevant to all evangelicals, whether convinced that the earth is recent or old. All who genuinely seek the truth in these matters will find this book both refreshing and challenging, as it seeks to get to the crux of what has been an issue of disagreement among Christians from before the era of Darwin.


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Titel Creation, Fall, Restoration A Biblical Theology of Creation
Auteur Andrew Kulivosky
Uitgever Christian Focus Publications Ltd
Jaar Verschenen 2009
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 320
Onderwerp Creationisme


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