The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, I


The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew is a completely new and innovative dictionary.

Unlike previous dictionaries, which have been dictionaries of biblical Hebrew, it is the first dictionary of the classical Hebrew language to cover not only the biblical texts but also Ben Sira, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hebrew inscriptions.

This Dictionary covers the period from the earliest times to 200 CE. It lists and analyses every occurrence of each Hebrew word that occurs in texts of that period, with an English translation of every Hebrew word and phrase cited.

Among its special features are: a list of the non-biblical texts cited (especially the Dead Sea Scrolls), a word frequency index for each letter of the alphabet, a substantial bibliography (from Volume 2 onward) and an English–Hebrew index in each volume.

David J.A. Clines is Professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Sheffield.


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Titel The Dictionary of Classical Hebrew, I Aleph
Auteur David J.A. Clines
Uitgever Sheffield Phoenix Press
Jaar Verschenen 1993
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 475
Onderwerp Hebreeuws


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