Identity, Ethics, and Ethos in the New Testament


The book deals with the relation between identity, ethics, and ethos in the New Testament. The focus falls on the way in which the commandments or guidelines presented in the New Testament writings inform the behaviour of the intended recipients. The habitual behaviour (ethos) of the different Christian communities in the New Testament are plotted and linked to their identity. Apart from analytical categories like ethos, ethics, and identity that are clearly defined in the book, efforts are also made to broaden the specific analytical categories related to ethical material. The way in which, for instance, narratives, proverbial expressions, imagery, etc. inform the reader about the ethical demands or ethos is also explored.


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Titel Identity, Ethics, and Ethos in the New Testament
Auteur Jan G. Van Der Watt
Uitgever De Gruyter
Jaar Verschenen 2006
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 658
Onderwerp Nieuwe Testament


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