Studia Eblaitica 2
Studies on the Archaeology, History, and Philology of Ancient Syria


The aim of this new international journal is to contribute to developing the study of the interpretation and understanding of the ancient cultures of Syria, remaining as open as possible to the different methodologies and problems that characterize present-day research. Thanks to the generous policy of international collaboration pursued by the cultural authorities of the Syrian Arab Republic, the increase in archaeological research in Syria, particularly from the 1970s on, opened up a series of new perspectives on the study of ancient Syria. The discovery of the Royal Archives of Ebla was decisive in this renaissance, as well as the role that Ebla played in establishing the very foundations of cultural development in ancient Syria. This project originates at a time of serious crisis for Syria, whose plight does not even spare the country’s magnificent, thousand-year-old cultural heritage. It is also intended as the strongest of hopes for a not-too-distant future of peace, prosperity, harmony and justice for the whole of the Syrian people.

From the contents (altogether 12 contributions):

Marco Bonechi, Building Works at Palace G. The Ebla King Between Major-domos, Carriers and Construction Workers
Jacopo Pasquali
, À propos de l’histoire la plus ancienne du “bouc émissaire” d’après les données épigraphiques éblaïtes. Le cas du nídba den(ki)
Georges Mouamar, Tell Sh‘aīrat: une ville circulaire majeure du IIIème millénaire av. J.-C. du territoire de la confédération des Ib᾽al
Luca Peyronel, From Ebla to Ugarit. Lead Ingots in the Levant and Anatolia during the Bronze Age
Giacomo Benati, High, Low and in Between: Patterns of Bureaucracy, Storage and Mobilization of Resources in Middle Bronze Age (2000-1600 BC) Northern Levant
Davide Nadali, The Building of Tell ̒Ağağa/Šadikanni in Syria: Some Reflections


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Titel Studia Eblaitica 2 Studies on the Archaeology, History, and Philology of Ancient Syria
Auteur Paolo Matthiae
Uitgever Harrassowitz
Jaar Verschenen 2016
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 256
Onderwerp Archeologie, Assyrie


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