A Quest for the Assumed LXX Vorlage of the Explicit Quotations in Hebrews


The assumed LXX Vorlage of the explicit quotations in Hebrews remains unresolved to date - despite the fact that it is an important pre-requisite before one can attempt to investigate the function of these quotations within their NT context. The selection, origin and version of the explicit quotations are greatly neglected aspects in previous studies. This quest attempts to address these matters from a tradition historical and a text critical angle. It follows the ground plan of Hebrews' own presentation of two sets of quotations that are listed in pairs: the first consisting mainly of hymnic texts and the second consisting of quotations from the Torah that are alternated with quotations from the Psalms and the Prophets. The investigation considers each quotation in the light of possible alternative Vorlage(n) to those of the printed versions and interacts with previously proposed hypotheses, such as the Testimony Book, liturgy, homily, and midrash hypotheses. It became clear that, although Hebrews might have known a large number of quotations from the early Jewish and early Christian traditions, he also expanded on some and added some longer quotations. The author himself was responsible for the majority of the combinations of the quotations, although there are traces of the existence of exegetical traditions that combined particular passages prior to his time. The use of Psalms, Odes, hymnic reworkings and compositions of his quoted texts all testify to an interesting inclination towards hymnic tendencies. The study concludes that so-called differences between Hebrews and the LXX could be explained in the light of an alternative Vorlage where the readings of the quotations seem to be closer to an Egyptian text tradition, but also to the author's own creative hand.


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Titel A Quest for the Assumed LXX Vorlage of the Explicit Quotations in Hebrews
Auteur Gert J. Steyn
Uitgever Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht
Jaar Verschenen 2011
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 458
Onderwerp Septuagint (LXX)


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