A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy, Vol. 1


From the reviews: This monumental work will henceforth be the standard interpretation of ancient mathematical astronomy. It is easy to point out its many virtues: comprehensiveness and common sense are two of the most important. Neugebauer has studied profoundly every relevant text in Akkadian, Egyptian, Greek, and Latin, no matter how fragmentary; [...] With the combination of mathematical rigor and a sober sense of the true nature of the evidence, he has penetrated the astronomical and the historical significance of his material. [...] His work has been and will remain the most admired model for those working with mathematical and astronomical texts. - D. Pingree in Bibliotheca Orientalis , 1977. ...a work that is a landmark, not only for the history of science, but for the history of scholarship. HAMA [History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy] places the history of ancient Astronomy on a entirely new foundation. We shall not soon see its equal. - N. M. Swerdlow in Historia Mathematica , 1979.


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Titel A History of Ancient Mathematical Astronomy, Vol. 1
Auteur O. Neugebauer
Uitgever Mairdumont Gmbh & Co. Kg
Jaar Verschenen 1945
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 1461
Onderwerp Adar (Maand), Astrologie, Astronomie


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