The Riddle of Mount Sinai


Can we treat the Bible as a historical source? This is a question often raised within Biblical studies and especially where scholars seek to validate or refute biblical stories through archaeological evidence. This book reports on years of investigation at the site of Har Karkom in the Negev desert and the proposed link made in 1983 to the biblical Mount Sinai. Although still surrounded in much debate the finds from the site add increasing support to the link, including a Palaeolithic `sanctuary', an altar, rock engravings and epigraphic material and a large number of geoglyphs. Anati explores this evidence and puts together an intriguing history of the site based on recent discoveries.


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Titel The Riddle of Mount Sinai
Auteur Emmanuel Anati
Uitgever Centro Camuno Di Studi Preistorici
Jaar Verschenen 2001
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 192
Onderwerp Har Karkom (berg), Sinaï (berg)


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