A Dictionary of Christian Palestinian Aramaic


Christian Palestinian Aramaic is the name of the Aramaic dialect spoken and written by the Melkite community in Palestine during the first millennium CE. Nearly all of the texts that have survived in this dialect are translations of religious texts originally composed in Greek for the use of members of this community whose only language was Aramaic. The only complete dictionary of this dialect was published over a century ago by Fr. Schulthess in 1903. However, since then, many new texts have been published and many previously known ones have been restudied and republished more accurately by various scholars. The present work has taken into account all of the existing texts as well as the secondary literature in order to make this new dictionary an essential tool for Aramaic scholarship.


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Titel A Dictionary of Christian Palestinian Aramaic
Auteur Michael Sokoloff
Uitgever Peeters Publishers
Jaar Verschenen 2014
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 508
Onderwerp Aramees


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