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Wordt alleen in Neh. 10:34; 13:31 קרבן העצים "het offer van het hout", wat suggereert dat hout speciaal apart werd gelegd voor een Brandoffer, of dat hier sprake is van welriekende houtsoorten.

Fl. Josephus stelt: "The eighth day was the feast of wood-carrying, when it was customary for all to bring wood for the altar, in order that there might be an unfailing supply of fuel for the flames, which are kept always burning" (War 2.425)

Qumran, 4Q365 "When you come to the land which I am about to give you as an inheritance, and where you shall dwell securely, bring wood for the sacrifices and for all the wo[r]k of [the H]ouse which you will build for me in the land, arranging it on the altar of sacrifice, un[der] the offer]ings [to combust their fire] for Passover sacrifices and for and for peace-offerings and for thanksgiving offerings and for the free-will offerings and for da[ily] whole burnt-offerings [...] and for the doors and for all the work of the House the[y] will br[ing it ..."

Qumran, Temple Scroll: "the twel[ve tribes of Israel are to bring woo]d to the alt[ar. Those contributing] [On the first day] are to be the tribes of [Levi] and Judah; on [the second day Benjamin and the sons of ] [Joseph; on the third day Reuben and] Sim[eon; on the fourth day Issachar] [and Zebulun; on the fifth day Gad and] Asher; on the six[th day Dan] and Naphtali [On] the wood [they are to offer] a burnt-offering to the Lor[d] and the tribe of Levi and the tribe of Judah will bring on the first day tw[o goats for a sin offering to atone ..."




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