Inventing the Flat Earth
Columbus and Modern Historians


Neither Christopher Columbus nor his contemporaries thought the earth was flat. Yet this curious illusion persists today, firmly established with the help of the media, textbooks, teachers--even noted historians. Inventing the Flat Earth is Russell's attempt to set the record straight. He begins with a discussion of geographical knowledge in the Middle Ages, examining what Columbus and his contemporaries actually did believe, and then moves to a look at how the error was first propagated in the 1820s and 1830s and then "snowballed" to outrageous proportions by the late 19th century. But perhaps the most intriguing focus of the book is the reason why we allow this error to persist. Do we prefer to languish in a comfortable and familiar error rather than exert the effort necessary to discover the truth? This uncomfortable question is engagingly answered.


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Titel Inventing the Flat Earth Columbus and Modern Historians
Auteur Jeffrey Burton Russell
Uitgever Abc-Clio
Jaar Verschenen 1997
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 160
Onderwerp Aarde (plat vs. rond)


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