Goddess of Israel


Recent archaeological discoveries have suggested that there was a Canaanite goddess who was not only worshipped by the people of ancient Israel during the time of the monarchy (1000-587 B.C.E.), but who was so much associated with Yahweh as to be construed as Yahweh's consort. This book investigates the goddess, Asherah. Exploring her ancient Canaanite backgrounds sets the stage for an exhaustive study of the biblical references to Asherah. This study examines each of the forty references in detail. An archaeological section lends corroborating evidence. This book defends the proposition that Asherah was indeed worshipped by the people of Israel, offering the biblical texts as the primary evidence.


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Titel Asherah Goddess of Israel
Auteur Richard J. Pettey
Uitgever Peter Lang Publishing Inc
Jaar Verschenen 1990
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 233
Onderwerp Asherah


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