Deer Hunter's Devotional
Hunting for the Heart of God


Deer Hunter's Devotional steps out into new territory for author Sean Jeffries. While his two previous works explored the world of hunting and fishing from a secular perspective, in this newest volume he combines his love of the outdoors with his Christianity.Exploring topics such as scouting for deer during the preseason, choosing your hunting equipment, and the excitement of opening day, each chapter in the book ties these lessons in with carefully selected scripture chosen to highlight the subject at hand. The author is not afraid to delve deep into the importance of sound doctrine, and each day's reading will leave you with wisdom to apply to your own Christian walk. The first book in the "Hunting for the Heart of God" series, Deer Hunter's Devotional is a timely piece of literature for today's sportsman.Containing over forty entries designed to challenge the reader and provoke him to deep thought about hunting and his own Christianity, the book kicks off the author's new series with a bang and sets the tone for the works that will follow in its trail. This is definitely not your mama's devotional!


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Titel Deer Hunter's Devotional Hunting for the Heart of God
Auteur Sean Jeffries
Uitgever Createspace
Jaar Verschenen 2010
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 152
Onderwerp Hert


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