A History of Jews in America


Abraham Karp's widely regarded work, A History of the Jews in America, is the only comprehensive, one-volume history of the Jewish-American experience. It surveys Jewish life from the colonial period and the early Republic through the decades of mass immigration and to the present. The evolution of the modern Jewish community and religious organizations in the United States is also discussed. By utilizing a wide variety of source documents and exploring specific historical events, the author delves deeply into the story of Jewish America. Some of the topics addressed in this thorough and engaging text include the economic and political opportunities not afforded Jews in the Old World, the challenge of religious practice, the rise and effects of assimilation, and the increase of Jewish influence on the American landscape.


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Titel A History of Jews in America
Auteur Abraham J. Karp
Uitgever Jason Aronson Inc. Publishers
Jaar Verschenen 1996
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 504
Onderwerp Jood, Joden


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