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Zegel uit de tijd van Ezra en Nehemia ?
Gepubliceerd op 01-02-2008

Nog steeds houdt het gevonden zegel door Mazar de gemoederen bezig. Steven Feldman van BAR reageerde op ANE-2 met "We hope to keep adding scholars' comments on the matter and will soon post a very informative piece on the seal by Ryan Byrne. Ryan, too, reads the inscription as Shlomit; he questions, however, Mazar's date for the inscription and her interpretation of the crescent symbol, so the seal still seems to me controversial even if the reading of the inscription appears to be settled."

Yitzhak Sapir reageerde hier met een aantal zeer nuttige links op, hieronder zijn opmerkingen.

On the reading $lmt, the following are all posts by scholars on the subject:
On the iconography, I think this seal cannot be discussed without comparing it at least to an "Ezra" seal in the Israel Museum, published 1977, and apparently hypothesized by various scholars to be of Moabite, Ammonite, or Phoenician provenance, because it was bought in the antiquities market. It would be really nice if you could put a photo of the "Ezra" seal on your website as well!
The iconography may also appear in other places, but the above is a clearly relevant parallel. Additional interpretations of the iconography and text:

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