What Did John Really See?


Whereas most books on Revelation are theological in nature, this book is distinctively different. Get ready for a verse-by-verse-and sometimes phrase-by-phrase-walk through the apostle John's Revelation of Jesus Christ that will challenge you to think about what John might have actually seen as the Revelation unfolded and how he interpreted what he saw so that he could explain it to his readers. This book is intended to be used as a study guide. It asks a lot of thought-provoking questions and leaves unanswered questions that can be easily answered from the text of Revelation. Background information is provided where needed to help you understand the more subtle issues and difficult passages. Use this book for your own personal study. Use it as a leader's guide for group study. Just be ready to think-and to think outside the box-as you are led through this fascinating last book of the Bible.


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Titel Revelation What Did John Really See?
Auteur Phillip James Silvia
Uitgever Tsu Press
Jaar Verschenen 2013
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 182
Onderwerp Openbaring (boek)


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