The Origins Of The Liturgical Year
Second, Emended Edition


In this definitive work, Thomas Talley draws on al the resources of historical scholarship to examine and unravel the complications brought to liturgical time by the blending of local traditions.

Liturgical time, like al ecclesiastical structures, has interacted with other traditions since the early centuries. Yet Doctor Talley found that the gospel tradition and its liturgical employment shaped the period that comprises the liturgical year.His findings illustrate for the reader that every festival the Church celebrates - very Sunday - is centered primarily and finally in the Eucharist, which from the beginning and always proclaims the Lord's death until he comes.


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Titel The Origins Of The Liturgical Year Second, Emended Edition
Auteur Thomas J. Talley
Uitgever Pueblo Publishing Co ,U.S.
Jaar Verschenen 1991
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 255
Onderwerp Kerstfeest, Kerstmis, Zonnewende


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