The Millennium Myth
Love and Death at the End of Time


In The Millennium Myth, Michael Grosso highlights the chief prophetic vision of the Western world and where it may be leading us. We can see it, the author tells us, unfolding in the high-tech of today and tomorrow: space colonization, terraforming, bioengineering, life-extension, cryonics - the lurch toward bionic superhumanity. Grosso's coinage, technocalypse, sums up his insight that technology is secretly driven by the Millennium Myth, a vision that is piloting human history toward recreating nature and reinventing humanity.
Grosso chronicles the visionary ideas of the medieval prophet Joachim of Fiore, the Renaissance magicians Pico and Ficino, the American founding fathers Paine and Jefferson and shows the millennial thread that runs through them all. No less does he expose the dark side of the Myth in the fanaticism that inflamed the Russian Revolution and the messianic madness that drove Adolf Hitler.
The author puts the American ''New Age'' and increasing reports of angelic contact, alien abduction, near-death visions and Virgin Mary sightings all in the context of apocalyptic hope and sees them as heralds of consciousness transformation.


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Titel The Millennium Myth Love and Death at the End of Time
Auteur Michael Grosso
Uitgever Quest Books,U.S.
Jaar Verschenen 1995
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 384
Onderwerp Eindtijd, Eindtijd voorspellingen


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