The 144,000 Literal or Symbolic?
A Comparative Analysis


Join the author as he explores one of the most fascinating subjects in all of Scripture. The One Hundred and Forty-Four Thousand has intrigued many for decades. While exploring the subject, the author examines such questions as: Who are the 144,000? What is the significance of the number? How are they related to the Great Multitude? What does Ellen White say about them? Is the number Literal or Symbolic? Along the way new insights are gained that illuminate this once mysterious subject. In the final analysis, a clear picture emerges, and the veil of uncertainty is lifted. Students of prophecy and the End-time will be delighted with this literary work. This book is a must have for your library. At last, a definitive, authoritative, and biblical solution to this once elusive subject!


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Titel The 144,000 Literal or Symbolic? A Comparative Analysis
Auteur Terrence A. Harrison
Uitgever Authorhouse
Jaar Verschenen 2010
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 72
Onderwerp 144000


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