Islam's Black Slaves
The Other Black Diaspora
Auteur: Ronald Segal


A comprehensive study of the Eastern slave trade by an eminent British scholarA companion volume to "The Black Diaspora," this groundbreaking work tells the fascinating and horrifying story of the Islamic slave trade. "Islam's Black Slaves" documents a centuries-old institution that still survives, and traces the business of slavery and its repercussions from Islam's inception in the seventh century, through its history in China, India, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Libya, and Spain, and on to Sudan and Mauritania, where, even today, slaves continue to be sold. Ronald Segal reveals for the first time the numbers involved in this trade--as many millions as were transported to the Americas--and explores the differences between the traffic in the East and the West."Islam's Black Slaves" also examines the continued denial of the very existence of this sector of the black diaspora, although it survives today in significant numbers; and in an illuminating conclusion, Segal addresses the appeal of Islam to African-American communities, and the perplexing refusal of Black Muslim leaders to acknowledge black slavery and oppression in present-day Mauritania and Sudan.A fitting companion to Segal's previous work, "Islam's Black Slaves" is a fascinating account of an often unacknowledged tradition, and a riveting cross-cultural commentary.


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Titel Islam's Black Slaves The Other Black Diaspora
Auteur Ronald Segal
Uitgever Farrar Straus Giroux
Jaar Verschenen 2001
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 480
Onderwerp Islam, Slavernij, Slaaf


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