Witchcraft and Black Magic


Intriguing, thoroughly researched volume provides expert historical view of demonology and the occult, drawing information from the Bible, literary classics, personal memoirs, correspondence, and court records. Scholarly, yet highly readable study defines witchcraft, then examines ceremonial practices, the casting of spells and conjuring, celebration of the Black Mass, and much more. A masterfully written work for anyone interested in supernatural phenomena, this book has been hailed by critic H. L. Mencken as learned, honest, and amusing.


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Titel Witchcraft and Black Magic
Auteur Montague Summers
Uitgever Dover Publications Inc.
Jaar Verschenen 2012
Taal nl
Pagina's pp. 256
Onderwerp Demonen, Levitatie, Magie, Tovenarij, Occultisme


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