Foxes, Wolves And Wild Dogs Of The World


Dogs have become an integral part of the lives of millions of people around the world - as working animals or simply as domestic pets - but their wild relatives are being pushed ever closer to extinction. The ancestor of the domestic dog, the grey wolf, has been eliminated from most of Europe and, in the USA, the red wolf's plight is such that it is currently the subject of an intensive captive-breeding and reintroduction program. This book examines all members of the Canidae, showing where the existing 34 species are distributed, and how they have been affected by human pressures. David Alderton describes fully the form, function, reproduction, lifestyles and distribution of the wild canids. The text is illustrated throughout by superb color photographs, specially taken for this book. There are also clear distribution maps for every species, and a full checklist of the Canidae. It is the ultimate irony that though we have accepted the domestic dog into our homes, we still generally perceive its ancestor as an evil killer. Such a lack of understanding is probably the greatest barrier to the effective conservation of wolves and other wild canids. Foxes, Wolves and Wild Dogs of the World breaks down these popular misconceptions and shows that positive action is needed to safeguard the future of wild canids.


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Titel Foxes, Wolves And Wild Dogs Of The World
Auteur David Alderton
Uitgever Facts On File Inc
Jaar Verschenen 2004
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 192
Onderwerp Honden, Jakhals, Vos, Wolf


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